Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trend Report- Hawaiian Bomber Jacket

I often find that Primark can be a little hit or miss and yesterday I certainly found a hit. This Hawaiian style bomber jacket is practically identical to the ones found in Topshop, River Island and even on the cat walk. I had to have it! Here I've paired it with a clashing print shirt, chainmail necklace and black skinnies.

I love that the bomber is back. I think it's one of those timless pieces that will always come and go. This season has re-invented the classic jacket with fun tropical prints. Celebs such as Lana Del Rey have definitely embraced the trend with her ghetto chic look.

The MA-1 bomber jacket was developed in the late 1950's. This was the first bomber jacket which was made out of nylon and resembles the jackets we now know today. They were used for Air Force and Navy pilots in the US. So these jackets are not only stylish but played a large role in our history.


  1. your so good at finding hits in primark kate! love fie xx