Monday, 23 April 2012

DIY Shoe-over

Here's a quick and easy way to give your shoes a glam makeover.

These are the shoes I have decided to customise

  You will need:
Fabric Glue, a mat or tray
Glitter (any glitter any colour) and paint-brush.

Apply the fabric glue to the area you have selected to customise (for me, the heal). Use the paintbrush to spread the glue evenly- you can chose a design and get creative with this part. Finally apply the glitter- this is where the mat or tray comes in handy as it can get pretty messy. Pour it all over the area covering everything, it doesnt have to be neat. Let it sit for a few minutes then tap you shoe on a hard surface so that the excess glitter falls off.

And voila..

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