Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Today I found the cutest little brown vintage style suitcase in a charity shop window. It was the perfect size for putting a strap over and turning into a bag. I ran into the shop and grabbed it from the window display and proceeded to the cash desk, only to be told that the suitcase was display only! You can imagine my disappointment. In my opinion everything that is on display should be for sale, especially in a charity shop. I just cant get the suitcase out of my head so I'm heading to Ebay in search of one. Wish me luck!


  1. I love your pink skirt! And those shoes are adorable!

    Cant believe your bad luck with the suitcase :( I agree, everything in the window should be for sale! Hopefully you will find one on ebay though :)

    Love your blog! I'm now following xxx

  2. These photos are gorgeous and I don't mind you've added my blog to your list.Thank you so much for that.