Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Flamingo Broach

I've been meaning to buy a new leather jacket and I have finally gotten round to it. This one was a Zara find. I would love to buy a really good quality leather but unfortunately my lack of money permits me. This one was only £50 so it's not the best quality but with the worn effect, it has a kinda AllSaints feel to it.
As it was such a lovely day my boyfriend and I took a wee trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Shockingly, I haven't been in years and so it was a nice revisit to my childhood.

While out on our travels we visited a few of Edinburgh's vast number of antique shops. I love looking around at all the interesting trinkets but usually still come away empty handed. However I did buy a small trinket today, although it was not from an antique shop. I found this lovely flamingo broach. It's fab. I've decided my new fav fashion adornment is going to be flamingos and seahorses.

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