Monday, 12 March 2012

First Post

So, I am currently going through the long drawn out process of applying for university. I am applying for art and fashion and have spent months creating and perfecting my port folio. I work during the week in the bank and any spare moment I have seems to be filled with work and more work. I am beginning to feel the stress! As I have not applied through a school or college it has been really tough to work out exactly what to do and what is expected. So I have had my first interview, at Glasgow School Of Art, and I thought I would shed a little light on what to expect for all of you confused souls like myself.

I spent the night with my boyfriend in the amazing CintizenM hotel in Glasgow city centre, its pure futuristic, Japanese style, luxury. A night here helped settle my nerves. I then made my way to the dreaded interview. The interview process consisted of waiting in a room before on of the interviewee's took my port folio away without me to look at. After about 15 minutes and what seemed like an eternity they asked me to join them in the room where I found my folio sprawled across the table. They asked me some questions to which I nervously answered. And that was it, See you later, Good luck. And I was gone.

Now all I can do is wait and it horrible. But fingers crossed I guess!

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