Saturday, 28 July 2012

Nail Bar

Sparkly black tips.
What you need:
Masking tape.
Black nail varnish.
Clear sparkly nail varnish.
Clear top coat nail varnish. ( I used all Barry M)

Use the masking tape across each nail to create a straight edge. Paint the black onto the end of your nails. Wait for it to dry then use the sparkly on top. Again wait for both layers to dry before removing the masking tape. Finally coat nails all over with a clear nail varnish, this will make your nails more durable and also give a glossy shine.
Easy to do and looks great!


  1. This looks so so so gorgeous! I love the glittery black shade - so amazing! <3

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  2. Lovely lovely nails, you did it so perfectly xoxo
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  3. Lovely